GTA Online fans log in for free money, get robbed blind by glitch instead

Grand Theft Auto Online players who are logging in for money and loot are finding themselves with nothing to their virtual names.

A nasty bug appears to be getting rid of players’ luxury items. Players have suggested that they’re losing weapons, vehicles, and entire rental properties primarily PC, though there are errant reports on PS4, and Xbox One platforms as well. (It’s currently unclear if the missing objects are the result of the same glitch on all platforms.)

This timing is horrible, as Rockstar Games promised players $500,000 in-game just for logging in during April. “Literally the only things I have left are my clothes, money, rank, and a base arena workshop with none of my upgrades,” one player claims on Twitter. “‘EVERYTHING IS MISSING,” another exclaims.

Fortunately, GTA Online developer Rockstar Games has announced that they’re working on a fix. “We are aware of an issue in GTA Online for PC where some vehicles, weapons and properties are not displaying in character inventories and are actively working to resolve it,” the company said through a tweet.

It’s unknown if players will just get their properties back, or if Rockstar will give out some form of compensation. Seeing how some players are losing hundreds of millions of in-game dollars, the former would presumably work the best.

We’ve reached out to Rockstar Games for comment and will update this post when an update becomes available.